Synergy 360 - White / IR

Designed by a Door Kicker for Door Kickers! The Synergy 360 White/IR  

The Synergy Light 360 is The Choice for compact tactical area lighting.  This unit is designed especially for Fire, Rescue, EMS, Law Enforcement and Tactical situations.  


It is HIGHLY recommended that you purchase this product with the carrying case for full functionality. 

The Synergy Light 360 can was recently described during our testing and evaluation as a "Flashlight Grenade."  In all fairness, that pretty much sums up the unit.   When the unit is removed from its pouch it automatically becomes armed and ready for action. (Note: It activate once it has been still for 3 seconds)     Then the unit can be tossed or placed into the area needing light.    The unit then, almost magically (actually, algorithmically and in a split second), processes the environment in which it has landed and calculates the most effective means of lighting an entire area.  It is the general equivalent of turning on a bright light bulb in the middle of a dark room and runs for over two hours on fresh batteries.   All of this is done in a split second utilizing multiple orienting devices within  the unit.


Tactical Light:  Pull it - Toss it (Or Place it) - Watch it light up the area. 

Tactical Distraction:  Truly the tactical operators best friend.  When deployed in this mode the entry team removes the Synergy 360 from its tactical pouch and tosses the unit into the dark room.  Upon settling on the floor or other surface, the Synergy 360 Emits a 3 second disorienting strobe and then switches to a full power white  (or IR light for Night Vision operations. See Synergy 360 IR for this option)  The tactical operator is then given a greater tactical advantage upon entry.  

Tactical IR: Silent, Stealthy, Highly Effective...Just like you. Perfect for the tactical entry team with NVGs.  Gain the upper hand without the loud BANG!  Once the unit lands and orients, it gives off a room illuminating IR light.  This allows you, the operator the benefit of leveraging the natural disorienting and blinding flashing lights to overcome your target, while maintaining the upper hand with your NVGs.     

Secondary Beacon:   Provides a slow flash for Landing Zones, Improvised Runways.   Set it down or toss it out the window of a moving vehicle, it doesn't matter. This light auto orients and gets the job done. 

Windshield Mode:  When placed on the windshield of a vehicle in this mode the Synergy Light 360 provides crisp, clean light into the vehicle that illuminates the cab.  This is the perfect application for seeing the unseen during a traffic stop or fully illuminating the interior, hands free, for patient care and auto extrication.  




  • 8 high output white LEDs and 8 secondary IR LEDs
  • Power Source: (4) CR-123-A Lithium  (Non - rechargeable batteries only)
  • White light output: 1,000 lumens  
  • Dimensions: 3 3/4"x 3 3/4" x 1 3/16"        
  • Weight: 148 grams (without batteries)

This version comes with 5 standard preset programs: Tactical Light, Tactical Distraction, Tactical IR Light Source, Secondary Beacon, and Windshield Applications.

Contact Us if your department needs special program configurations. 

Discount pricing available for 10+ units.


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