FireDex: FX-A Information

Formerly known as Assault, this style of gear has been protecting firefighters for decades. 
FX-A full custom gear is available with almost every option Fire-Dex has to offer including DexFlex™ mobility features and low or regular rise pants. This is our most versatile gear and can suit just about any needs.
With all-options availbility, FX-A is our most versatile model of gear.
FX-A can be customized with our most popular pattern features:

DexFlex™ Back

Expansion pleat gives greater range of motion without restriction.

DexFlex™ Knees and Elbows

Pre-bent design provides unrestricted movement.

Reversed Tapered Cuffs

Minimizes wear and tear from cuff dragging.

FX-A is fully customizable and can be made in any of our turnout materials.  To view which Thermal Liners and Moisture Barriers are UL approved for use with your Outer Shell of choice, visit

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