Fire-Dex H41 Interceptor™ Hood with DuPont™ Nomex® Nano Flex - Medium

The H41 Interceptor Hood Offers PBI® Protection For Maximum Performance.

NOMEX® NANO-FLEX™ TECHNOLOGY is a new technology providing superior particle barrier protection, breathability and a lightweight, flexible solution that you hardly know is there.

The H41 Interceptor Hood is a 2 Layer PBI Knit Hood with DuPont Particulate Barrierhood.

The H41 Interceptor™ Hood is made with a layer of DuPont™ Nomex® Nano-Flex inside that acts as a filter to reduce firefighters' exposure to persistent fireground carcinogens and other contaminants. Fire-Dex has used this revolutionary material sewn between two layers of knit 6.0oz PBI®/Lenzing (20%/80%) to provide the maximum performance for particle barrier filtration, comfort, and thermal & flashover protection.


Testing has shown that the particulates sized at less than .2 microns don't have enough mass to make it through the double layer knit and the Nomex® Nano-Flex; essentially meaning that this hood blocks 100% of particulates less than .2 microns.
Nomex® Nano-Flex is a revolutionary new material that can block fine particulates almost as well as an impermeable membrane. Unlike FR moisture barrier membranes however, this new lightweight (0.5oz/yd2), “barely-there” material is actually completely breathable; Nomex® Nano-Flex is a non-woven, web technology, made of submicron continuous fibers.

Fire-Dex Hoods provide maximum protection and comfort in the heat of battle. They use only the finest proven materials on the market to ensure your safety. Flat lock hood seams and TrueFit™ elastic provide a fit second to none.

  • Particle barrier
  • Thermal Insulation
  • Comfortable
  • Laundry durable
  • High Porosity
  • High LOI Polymer
  • High Capillary Force
  • Light & Thin
  • High Air Perm
  • Submicron Pores
  • Color: Tan
  • Medium: fits head circumference up to 22"
  • Large: fits head circumference 22.1" - 24"
  • X-Large: fits head circumference 24.1" - 26"
Firefighters face cancer rates substantially greater than most Americans. Risk for cancer is 3 times that of non-firefighters. Solid byproducts of combustion have high surface area and readily absorb liquid and gaseous chemicals. Smole particles are less than 1 micron. Skin adsorbtion rate increases 400% with every 5° F increase in skin temperature.

This Structural Firefighting Protective Hood meets the Hood Requirements of NFPA 1971, 2013 Edition.
UL Classified 100x100 px

Note: Hood only, the mask is available separately.
***Flash hoods may take 2-4 weeks to ship***