IFAK Improved First Aid Kit

From Tactical Operators, Law Enforcement and Rescue Team Member to the Outdoor Enthusiast. Poseidon's Trauma IFAK goes beyond the basics and provides you the trauma and first aid equipment you need when you need it.   Our kit was designed in house by our Active First Responders and Military Personnel to give you the medical tools used by team MEDICS to provide basic life support operations.       


We hand picked the items in this kit to ensure you have the supplies you need to treat injuries both big and small.   This kit includes:

1ea IFAK MALLE Pouch 

1ea Blood Stopper Trauma Bandage

1ea Combat Action Tourniquet (CAT Tourniquet)

2ea Hyfin Chest Seals

1ea Trauma Shears  

1ea CPR Microshield 

1ea 4" Elastic Bandage

6ea 4x4 Gauze

16ea 3" Bandage Strips,

1ea Tweezers,

1ea 5x9 ABD Pad

2pr Nitrile Gloves

4ea Asprin

1ea Roll Tape

6ea BZK (Antiseptic) Wipes

1ea Triangular Bandage

5ea Buterfly Strips

2ea Ammonia Inhalants

1ea Burn Gel