September 05, 2014

Issues and Challenges in Today’s Fire Service

Firefighter Training Topics – Issues and Challenges in Today’s Fire Service
Chief (Ret.) Rick Lasky, Lewisville (TX) Fire Department, Battalion Chief (Ret.) John Salka, Fire Department of New York, and Chief (Ret.) Bobby Halton,


Discussion Highlights:
The fire service is faced with a vast array of issues and challenges. For 86 years, FDIC has been the place where honest discussions have led to workable solutions to these issues and challenges. This Big Room Session features three of North America’s most outspoken and informed practitioners. Join Rick Lasky, John Salka, and Bobby Halton as they tackle the most critical issues facing the fire service today in a no-holds-barred session. From pike poles to pensions, from VES (vent-enter-search) to VSP (victim survivability profiling), and from staffing to science, join the chiefs as they discuss the biggest issues in frank, open, and straightforward language.


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